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The Board is pleased to announce a merger of the Aqua Gems Swim Club and Minisink Valley Aquatics.  Named Aqua Gems at Minisink Valley, the team will include nearly 200 swimmers and operate from three pools Warwick HS, Minisink HS and OCCC.  Practices and seasons will continue as they have under the previous teams for the foreseeable future.  To be clear - programs currently offered at all three pools will continue to be offered in the future.  There is NO intent in having any swimmers need to drive to a different pool than they do today.

Aqua Gems is a highly regarded and well established swim team known throughout the county. They have a remarkable reputation for creating elite level swimmers. Minisink Valley Aquatics strengths lie in the age group and learn to swim program focusing more at the developmental level. This merge will allow us to combine our strengths with the goal of providing a more complete program for our swimmers.The rational and benefits of this merger are numerous.  ***Recent changes in US Swimming rules have made it harder for smaller teams to operate at a competitive level.  The increased size of our team, number of coaches and officiating staff will now insure that we can more easily meet the new requirements and continue to expand our program. *** Streamlining administration, knowledge and cost savings also play a role in this decision.  

MVA will now enjoy more access to technology by integrating its media with Aqua Gem’s TeamUnify – a host cloud website.  Lastly communication from the coaching staff and administration will be improve.

This is from Metropolitan Swimming - Our governing body. 

***In the May 2015 House of Delegate meeting minutes - the following was approved:

 “By the start of the 2017-18 short course season, Metro teams wishing to host meets must have a minimum of 4 certified officials affiliated with their teams: a meet referee, a starter, and two or more stroke & turns judges. Teams that do not meet this minimum number of officials will not be granted sanctions“. 
Amendment: The requirement to have a referee and starter shall be waived if a club has recruited at least 3 (three) new Strokes & Turns (S&T) officials within the preceding year. “New” meaning officials that had never been registered in Metro.