info@minisinkvalleyaquatics.comP.O. Box 2 Slate HIll NY 10973 

MVA Head Official

Kristel Pietraszka

MVA USA Certified Officials

Kristel Pietrazska
Russell Pietraszka
Amanda Costello
David Freda

Julie Coache (Meet Director and Administrative Official)

MVA ESSL Certified Officials
Kristel Pietraszka
Russell Pietraszka
Julie Coache
Amanda Costello
David Freda

If you are interested in becoming an Official please see Kristel Pietraszka or email us at

MVA Board of Directors
Executive Committee

President: Julie Coache

Vice President: Open

Treasurer: Julie Coache and Kristel Pietraszka

Communications (E-mails): Amanda Costello

Secretary: open

Kristel and Russell Pietraszka
interim Executive Committee


Social Chair:

Fundraising Chair: Cari Genovese-Capper

Marketing and Advertising Chair: OPEN